Monster Truck Production Transforms Chilliwack

may 15 010may 15 017may 15 016With the addition of the odd mail box from the US postal service, a few street banners bearing the name Anderson and vehicles wearing North Dakota licence plates, Wellington Ave.( in front of the Royal Hotel) in downtown Chilliwack has been transformed into fictional small-town USA, namely Sentinel County’s Anderson, North Dakota

Paramount Pictures has been filming their $100 million dollar live action/computer generated imagery/special effects Monster Truck production in downtown Chilliwack since this Tuesday the 13th. Today is day three in Chilliwack and the weather has definitely co-operated! Above average temperatures with long, sunny days have made for a more pleasant work environment, I am sure. Working long days (normally twelve hours) the large crew has made Chilliwack their home base as the stunts and action continues with the monster truck being chased by the army and police through the downtown streets and alleys.
The roads are constantly being hosed down (a real clue to the upcoming street action) to make them appear darker on film, with water trucks and hoses standing by.
The scenes are shot and then re-shot and sometimes re-shot (going again…as they say).

The fifty background stunt-actors (it is dangerous work – the monster trucks roars by at high speed and slides around corners on two wheels!) on set add to the hundreds of crew members that have landed in our city. Although the crew is well-fed with production supplied catering serving gourmet breakfasts and lunches, crew members have been seen frequenting Chilliwack’s eating and drinking establishments after filming is completed for the day – a good thing for our local businesses.

may 15 013

The action continues today (Thursday) until end of day Saturday. The crew will then move to another location and return to Chilliwack to continue filming May 26, 27 and 28th.
Although the parking is limited, all businesses remain open and welcome you to drop by – you may see monster truck action while you are in downtown Chilliwack. Parking is available free of charge at either the old Safeway on Main Street or at the new parking lot at five corners on Young Road.

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