Thrift Store Shopping in Chilliwack

I love shopping at thrift and vintage stores. In fact, while planning a trip (anywhere) I will research the area to locate any thrift shops – like Salvation Army Stores, Goodwill, church shops or stores operated by various charities like animal shelters, recovery homes, hospitals– and then google the proximity of these shops to where I will be staying. Just remember when you’re flying to your destination, that vintage chair you had you had your sights on with the awful upholstery, just waiting to be “updated” won’t fit in your suitcase….Or, you can purchase a vintage suitcase to haul your finds back (well maybe not that chair) probably for less than the price of a large latte!

1997.59.6 Lovell Hosiery

Thrift store are also great places for the creative types. Looking for fabric to recover that chair or make throw pillows? Vintage household linens like bedspreads, drapes, curtains and tablecloths are better value than buying fabric by the meter; keep your eyes open for clothing, bedspreads, blankets or curtains made with interesting fabric you can recycle. If you have a good eye, shop regularly at thrift store and happen to hit the store on the right day, you may get lucky and find vintage curtains or bedspreads made with bark cloth, chenille, or damask. These sturdy fabrics can be re-purposed to create one-of-a-kind home décor. Old sweaters can be used to re-cover dining chairs and stools or to re-cover  cushions for a unique vintage look. That old wool sweater can be shrunk to make felted wool and re-purposed into bags or cut into squares and made into a quilt.

Downtown Chilliwack has some great thrift stores. Overall they offer a clean, organized and affordable shopping opportunity. The beauty of thrift store shopping is that you’ll never know what treasure you’ll find! Go with an open attitude, a measuring tape, comfortable clothes (if you want to try anything on) and enough time to check out the merchandise while supporting a worthwhile charity. It’s the ultimate form of recycling.

Ann Davis Transition Society will be opening Chilliwack’s newest thrift boutique on May 1st. The yet unnamed volunteer run thrift store will be located on Yale Road near Nowell Street and will offer high quality items with proceeds going to support the important programs and services Ann Davis provide to the community. For further information here is their website.


Thrift Stores Located in Downtown Chilliwack

Back at You Thrift Store 45923 Airport Road 604-792-8976 (June 2nd move)

Bibles for Missions Thrift 9280 Nowell St. 604-793-1996

Chwk Hospital Thrift Store 9236 Main St. 604-793-9222

Lions Club Flea Market 46293 Yale Rd. 604-792-3483

MCC Thrift Store 45776 Kipp Ave. 604-792-3731

Mother Theresa’s Place 8909 Mary St. 604-795-7110

Salvation Army Thrift Store 45742A Yale Rd. 604-792-3367

Street Hope New & Used 8982 Young Road 604-316-4670

United Church Thrift Store Corner of Main & Spadina 604-792-4634

• Please note this list does not include thrift stores located in Sardis, Yarrow, or Rosedale!
• Bring cash – not all stores accept debit and credit cards.
• Phone for store hours – none of the shops listed are open Sundays; some may be closed Mondays.

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