• Pyjamas were first worn by men, in the form of nightshirts, in the late 1880’s.

• The word “pyjama” has its origins in the Persian language, with a rough translation being “leg garment”.

• Two piece pyjamas consisting of loose trousers tied at the waist and a shirt-like top for men became the norm in the US around 1920.

• According to the Guinness Book of Records the largest sleepover, or pyjama party, was held in Kent in the UK on March 8, 2008 with 1626 Girl Guides sleeping side by side.

• The 1964 movie Pajama Party (note the US spelling) starred Annette Funicello, Buster Keaton and Dorothy Lamour and featured product placement of the soft drink Dr. Pepper as well as the new Ford Mustang.

On Saturday April 12th don’t be surprised if you see ladies wandering Wellington Avenue donned in their best pyjamas, their destination – the Royal Hotel and the first annual “Pyjamas for a Purpose”, a pyjama party for ladies aged 19 through 90 in support of the important programs and services provided to our community by Ann Davis Transition Society.

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The fun filled evening starts at 6:30 pm and includes live musical entertainment by Damian Brennan, wine education and tasting with Chaberton Estate Winery, 30 minutes of Zumba by local licensed instructor Alma Schlitt (who has graciously donated her services), appetizer and dessert buffet, skin care & facials – ending with a prize for the best pyjama contest before the ladies retreat to their rooms for the night. There will also be a silent auction with 100% of proceeds going to Ann Davis Transition Society. In addition to the fun filled evening events, included with your ticket is one night accommodations and continental breakfast the next morning.
Tickets are $89 or $129 each by either phone 604-792-1210 or on the hotel’s website. Use promo code PJ4P.


To reach their goal of presenting one hundred pair of new pyjamas to Ann Davis, the Royal Hotel will start collecting pyjamas on April 1st. A drop-off box for new pyjama donations will be located in the lobby of the Royal Hotel from April 1st through April 12th, culminating with the “Pyjamas for a Purpose” PJ Party on April 12th.


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