The Streets of Chilliwack – Part 3

The Patten House as The Duke of Dublin

Dr. Lee Alfred Patten was born in Trenton, Michigan in 1880 and graduated from medical school at McGill University in Montreal in 1910. I was not able to discover how he arrived in Chilliwack however he did practice medicine here for forty years before his passing at age 76.

P395 Musical Production

Dr Patten (above,middle) in a theatrical performance.

Dr. Patten’s home at 9254 Nowell Street was constructed in 1912 by Ernest Hill, a local contractor. Mr. Hill was known at the time for his use of concrete block construction, which was deemed fireproof, and utilized this material for the Patten House. The family house served as both a family home and a place for his medical practice. The family occupied the upper floor and his medical office was housed on the main floor.

Dr. Patten died in his home on Nowell Street on September 17, 1956 and the obituary listed his survivors as his wife, two sons and a daughter. The house has gone through several transformations over the years – as restaurants, The Gardenia House, Engumi’s and possibly more. The house was unoccupied for many years…..then was transformed into an Irish pub in 2008, the Duke of Dublin. Here is a link with a photo of the Patten House as it appeared in 2008.

Reports of the house being haunted can be found on YouTube. Shaw Cable reported on the “ghost” sightings and eerie presence felt by staff of the Duke of Dublin. One manager reported on feeling a hand on her shoulder, saw a refrigerator door open by itself, and heard doors rattling with these occurrences usually happening at night

Changing hands (and name) again in 2013, the Patten House is now home to Society Gathering House.


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