Capturing Chilliwack on Camera

Writing a blog about Chilliwack’s history and happenings has provided us at the Royal an additional opportunity to meet some interesting residents – people who give back to our community in small, but measurable ways.

One recent connection made was with Ted Sauriol, a long-time resident of Chilliwack possessing a newly-found passion – photography. With an interest in heritage homes and buildings Ted can be found wandering around Chilliwack, his trusty camera at the ready waiting to capture perfectly composed images of Chilliwack’s heritage. His creative use of black and white photography adds to the artistic feel of his photographs while evoking a sense of history at the same time.

3 46290 Yale Road East Stonehurst Manor 1909

Ted is using Chilliwack’s heritage inventory of over 100 homes and buildings as a reference. The inventory, however, has not been updated since it’s completion over 20 years ago and unfortunately some of the homes and buildings have since been demolished (the Empress Hotel, the Paramount Theatre and soon the Irwin Block). With Chilliwack’s lack of a Community Heritage Commission, usually tasked with updating heritage inventories, the inventory is not well-known and is also underutilized. (You can find a copy at the Chilliwack Archives)  These photographs will serve as lasting reminder of Chilliwack, the third oldest municipality in B.C. Thank you Ted!

Recently Ted and his camera were welcomed into the Royal Hotel. Ted was interested in taking photos of the 106-year old interior and exterior of the historic hotel for his portfolio and we were happy to oblige! Below is a link to Ted’s photography blog.

Ted’s photo of the Royal Hotel lobby

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