Hollywood North

What do Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, the Wayans brothers, Lochlyn Munro, Neve Campbell, and Kristin Kreuk have in common with Chilliwack? The answer may surprise you – they have all worked on films shot in Chilliwack over the past years.

The Chilliwack Film Commission has done a great job attracting film and television productions to Chilliwack. As far as locations go, Chilliwack does have a lot to offer. Our city is surrounded by mountain vistas, picturesque farmland and lakes and rivers that can stand- in for a multitude of places. Our quaint historic downtown captures that small-town feel some productions are looking for. The province offers an additional tax credit for productions shooting outside the “zone” of the lower mainland providing a financial incentive to film in Chilliwack. In addition, Chilliwack is a convenient commute for Vancouver based film crews and more importantly, local residents are tolerant of the disruptions filming may cause. As they say in film terms, the location (Chilliwack) has not been “burned” – we welcome filming in our city!

The Pledge, a movie directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson used a farmhouse on Fairfield Island, standing in for a Reno, Nevada home. White Chicks, a Wayan brothers’ comedy had Wellington Avenue downtown dressed as the Hamptons, New York for an exterior shoot in the film.

What is even more amazing is Chilliwack’s Royal Hotel playing the Royal Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan, circa the late 1940’s in the 2007 movie Partition. Both the interior and exterior of the Royal hotel was featured in the film. This epic love story takes place during the violent religious and cultural division that occurred in 1947 India. Although some of the film’s scenes were actually filmed in India, a great portion of this historical drama was filmed in B.C. The rural area around Ashcroft was dressed to serve as the border of India and Pakistan, and downtown Chilliwack’s Wellington Avenue and the Royal Hotel was transformed into Lahore, Pakistan, confirming that movies are really magic.

We invite you to visit & stay at the historic Royal Hotel in downtown Chilliwack – where memories and movies are made!

Below is a link from the Chilliwack Film Commission


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