It’s Corn Time in Chilliwack

Corn season in Chilliwack is here! Also known as maize, scientists have determined corn has its early roots in Mexico beginning around 7000 years ago. From Mexico corn was introduced to the United States and Canada about a thousand years ago as the native population migrated north. Corn was an important crop to native Americans. In addition to playing a major part of their diet, the rest of the corn plant proved to be important, as well. Husks were woven into useful items such as baskets, dolls and sleeping mats. Christopher Columbus is credited with introducing corn to Europe after his voyage to the new world.

According to the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, B.C. produces an amazing 18 million kg. of corn per year, a mere 5% of the total Canadian production! Chilliwack is well known for it’s corn, with a high sugar content and tender, crunchy kernels. The varieties grown in Chilliwack include the early “peaches and cream” and the later sweet” jubilee” corn, both worth getting stuck in your teeth!

Labour Day weekend marks the first annual Chilliwack Corn and Country Music Festival at Fantasy Farms on Gibson Road. Held at the farm August 31st and September 1st, the event offers something for the whole family to enjoy. While there will be corn (a given) you will also find live country music, bbq food ,corn games, fresh farm produce, a beer garden and a family fun zone. Click on the link for more information.

So, pack up the kids and head to Chilliwack Labour Day weekend for corn, country music and friendly folks in the Corn Capital of B.C. Need a place to stay? Don’t forget the historic Royal Hotel in downtown Chilliwack where children are always welcome!



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