Not Just Another Sunday!

The 11th annual Village Classic car show was held in downtown Chilliwack this past Sunday. Everyone had their fingers crossed that the weather would co-operate and Sunday turned out to be the perfect day for a car show! The rain held off to allow car enthusiasts of all ages to stroll through the streets of downtown as they oohed and awed at the 300 vintage rides. Examples of vehicles included early Ford model “A”s, 1930’s roadsters, 40’s and 50’s era American sedans, 60’s muscle cars, and pick-up trucks from the 40’s through the 60’s. There was even a Studebaker! Lining Wellington Avenue, Mill Street and Yale Road proud owners of these vintage cars could be seen polishing their vehicles or engaging with fellow auto buffs as people wound their way through historic downtown.

 And what would any summer event be without food! Mobile food carts were parked off Mill Street and were serving everything from grilled hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches and those irresistible mini doughnuts. Oh and aren’t the smell of onions frying on the grill sure to draw a crowd anyways?

Live music was provided on the steps of the Court House by “Hot Rod Gurl”, a six member local band who kept the crowd entertained playing classic rock and roll throughout the afternoon.

Sponsored by a local insurance company and run by the Chilliwack Business Improvement Association, the annual car show marks the start of summer fun events in historic downtown Chilliwack put on by the BIA.

Next up for summer happenings in downtown Chilliwack is “Party in the Park” a Friday evening family event held weekly during July and August featuring lots of music and entertainment, a street market and family fun. Party in the Park starts July 5th at Central Community Park.










As spring turns to summer here in Chilliwack I would love to share stories, relate some interesting local history and let you in on behind the scenes activities at the 105 year old Royal Hotel.

Here are my top ten happenings from 1908 – when the Royal Hotel Chilliwack first opened.

  1. The first New Year ball drop on New York City’s Time Square happened on January 1, 1908.
  2. The population of Chilliwack was less than 2000 people. Today Chilliwack’s population is approaching 80,000 residents.
  3. The B.C. Electric Railway tracks were under construction that would connect New Westminster to Chilliwack. Construction would take two years and would also bring electricity to Chilliwack.
  4. Henry Ford introduced his first model T Ford automobile in Detroit. The Ford Motor Company would go onto to become a major player in the automobile industry.
  5. The City of Chilliwack was incorporated in 1908 and would join the Township of Chilliwack (incorporated in1873) to form the District of Chilliwack in 1980, later to become simply the City of Chilliwack.
  6. Sir Wilfred Laurier was the Prime Minister of Canada and Richard McBride was the premier of B.C. in 1908.
  7. The songs “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and “Shine on Harvest Moon” were hits of the day.
  8. Sugar was priced at 4 cents per pound and coffee sold for 15 cents a pound.
  9. The Canadian Pacific Empress Hotel opened in Victoria and the University of British Columbia was established in Vancouver.
  10. The Royal Hotel opened on Wellington Avenue in what would become Chilliwack’s downtown.